Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Work-Away Day

Gooood Morning! Today is my work-away day, I just made it up today and sort of love it. I will work-away all day trying to get as much done as I can. Now you may think this does not sound different than what I probably do most days, BUT I will work-away with a sense of urgency, so that is the difference haha. So now you may be thinking I am wasting time writing on this blog... but I want to keep you in the loop. It is another beautiful day today in southwest Florida. This morning I spoke with my mom and friend Sue in western NY and they are preparing for another snow storm in Buffalo. This is the time of the year when I am amazed at the major differences between the weather in FL and pretty much everywhere else in the USA.

Our backyard pond -where have all the fishies gone?
 Now, lets get on to my crochet projects. I love the flowery head bands moms have been putting on their baby girls and I wanted to make one for Gina's baby girl (baby D) to send along with the blanket. Hopefully once baby D arrives we will get to see a pic of her with her little head band on!! I used the pattern for the Santa Rose from Raverly (the same one I used for the light green hat, my very first post). For the band, I chained until the length was about 13.5 inchs (13-15 inches in recommended, or measuring the baby's head; since baby D is not here yet, I made it a little larger for her). After chaining to the circumference you need I added two chains then double crocheted into each chain, connected the two ends and attached the flower.

I also wanted to share with you two of my container garden projects. Here in FL our big garden season in right now in the winter. Those snow birds make out the best - they get to eat fresh veggies here in the winter and then again when they are up north in the summer. I am starting to think about becoming a snow bird sooner than later...

I planted these two containers many months ago from seeds! Yes, seeds. Lettuce seems to grow very well here, but these seeds took a very long to germinate. We did get some very cold spells this winter which may explain the delays. My veggies are just a month or two later than expected based on the seed package.
Lettuce grown from seeds!!!

This container is broccoli, also grown from seeds. This one took even longer than the lettuce (which by the way has spawned new little lettuce plants!). I was very nervous using seeds for the first time, last year I went to the store and bought starter plants, so I didn't thin this out when I should have. As a result, the plants look bolted and are reaching up to have space. We'll see how they continue to grow.

Broccoli... this one isn't looking as normal.
Happy Tuesday, and I hope you are able to work-away today too.

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