Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Vera Bradley English Meadow Summer 2011 inspiration!!

Gooood Morning,
I forgot to share with you that baby D arrived (my friend Gina's baby)! Her name is McKenna Jordyn. Gina (mom) and baby are both doing well. They will be coming home from the hospital tomorrow. Next week I will venture up to see them (and sneak in lots of photos of baby McKenna with crochet stuff).

Well today I am sharing my granny stripe inspiration with you. I am a big fan of Vera Bradley and I was able to get a sneak peak at the Summer 2011 patterns scheduled to hit stores in April. One of the patterns is called English Meadow. 
English Meadow Pattern

Pattern with Border
Inside of the bag pattern
My blanket does have some darker blues and greens in it. I think some of them look even darker than usually because they are next to some of the lighter hues. If I were to make another one, I think I would try to stick with all lighter colors, but I am pretty happy with the ones I have in there right now.

I really enjoy working on the granny stripe because each row doesn't take to long. I did not make it very wide, you can see the width of the blanket while laying on a queen size bed. I didn't make it for queen size bed, I just sort of made it wide enough to be able to cover one person nicely while cozy-ied up on a sofa. The ripple blanket takes much longer for each row because the rows are not straight across, they ripple up and down. The granny stripe is less counting and re-doing if you miscount and smooth sailing across each row.
I do have swatches of the other new Vera Bradley patterns for April 2011. If people want to see them I can show them - but I won't have a crochet project to match each one, haha. At least not yet...

Well I hope you have a fabulous day - we are halfway to the weekend!
XOXO Susan

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  1. March 24th this pattern comes out at stores:-) I'm making cookies for a store in the English Meadow colors.:-) Nice crochet, that is my new favorite hobby making placemats & washcloths so far.:-)