Tuesday, November 22, 2011

McKenna's Fushia Owl Hat and another Infinity Scarf

Hello Friends,

I've been staying warm in Buffalo the last few days. The weather was nice and crisp but today was quite colder. I need a thicker scarf when it is this chilly! I found some photos of McKenna in her fushia owl hat and realized I did not show them to you yet. She will be in Buffalo, NY for Christmas so she needed the hat that fits her right so I wanted to make it while she was visiting me so I could make sure it fit her well.

She liked it for a little bit but I think she was getting a little too hot with it on in Florida.

The hat fit her perfectly, she looked like a cute little owl!

I also finished another infinity scarf with Lion Brand Amazing Yarn in Ruby. The colors look darker in person, but they are nice and rich.

Infinity Scarf, Lion Brand Amazing Yarn Ruby

Infinity Scarf, color - Ruby with Lion Brand Amazing Yarn
I just started one in Rainforest - the greenest of the Amazing yarns. Right now all of the yarn is looking green but I know there is some variation under the top layers, hopefully it will turn out looking just as nice as the other colors have. I hope you will have some time to crochet as you prepare for Thanksgiving!

xoxo Susan

Friday, November 18, 2011

Perfect Little Baby with an Owl Hat (of course)

Hello Friends,

I was able to meet baby Anthony today, my friend Anna's new little bundle of joy. He was so perfect and cuddley I just wanted to stay forever. His owl hat is a little big right now but he is growing very quickly so by the time a lot of snow falls and he really needs to bundle up the hat should fit him perfectly.

Perfect little pumpkin

Just a little big

After visiting with Anna, her husband Anthony and Baby Anthony, I enjoyed a wonderful haddock fish fry for dinner with my family, and then went to see my 90 year old Nana. She was looking well and in good spirits. A great start to visit to Buffalo.

I hope your weekend is starting off just as fabulously as mine. Tomorrow I may get to visit an Alpaca farm I did not even know about!!!

xoxo Susan

Monday, November 14, 2011

Some Professional Photos of My Owl Hats

Hello Friends,

Thanks for stopping by! I've been trying to work on some WIPs so I can bring them up north for Thanksgiving next week. In the mean time, I have been making some more baby/kid hats because I have some orders to fill and bring to Buffalo as well. My friend Anna had a beautiful baby boy, so I will be bringing a green or blue owl hat for him too! No baby that I know will be un-covered :)

I have a family friend who is a professional photographer and was kind enough to use some of my hats in her photographs. Her name is Jill and she owns Jillian Marie Imagery, you can check out her website here: www.jillianmarieimagery.com
She just sent me a fresh batch of photos with some of my hats in them and I thought I would share them with all of you.

I took a break from making hats for a few weeks but now I am ready to go back at it, which is a good thing since the temperatures are sure to drop! I hope you had a great start to your week today.
xoxo Susan

Thursday, November 10, 2011

I am back, and another Infinity Scarf this time mobius

Hello Friends,

I think this has been the longest break between posts that I have ever had. I am ok, just traveling and work business. After a lovely trip to Orlando, I had a few days of work, then I headed to Anaheim California for the annual meeting of the American Evaluation Association to make some presentations. California was nice, a couple days were a little too chilly for me so I was delighted to be back in Florida after a long overnight flight. Daylight savings is nice but not when it means an extra hour in the Atlanta airport (or any airport).

The good news is now I am home and back and I can finally tell you the winners of the giveaway! The winners are:
  1. Vikki at By Hooks 4U 
  2. Mary Margaret at The Worry Bird
  3. Gill at The Gillyflower
Please email me at HibbardER@gmail.com with your address so I can mail you your gift!!
Thank you all very much for visiting my blog and participating in the giveaway.

Now, let me show you the mobius infinity/endless/loop scarf.

It took a little moving around to get it to lay flat

I think I need to get a dress form so I can show off these on a human like figure (or find a model). What are your thoughts on the mobius twist (thanks to Mary Margaret for suggesting this)? When I brought it into the office the ladies thought the regular loop is probably preferable. The mobius twist makes loop it around your neck twice a little easier for positioning, but if you wear it long maybe the regular loop is better?
I hope your week is going great. Tomorrow we celebrate Veteran's Day here in the USA. Hopefully I can crochet in honor of our Veterans :)

Have a fabulous day,
xoxo Susan