Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Middle of the Week Lovelies

Earlier this week I posted information on the sale at A.C. Moore craft store (Vanna's Choice on sale for $1.99!!!). I went Sunday morning to make sure I got the colors I didn't already have for my ripple blanket. I now have a very nice collection of Vanna's Choice yarn, which will be used in the ripple blanket (I will post an update on it tomorrow... I want to WOW you with my progress). Here is the color spectrum for my Vanna's Choice yarn. Some were purchased two weeks ago when I began my quest to crochet my heart out, some were purchased this Sunday. I must say, I was surprised when my hubby didn't even comment on the extent to yarn I've purchased the last two weeks (this is just the Vanna's choice yarn, I also purchased some Loops & Threads from Michaels during my first rampage of yarn chopping).

All Vanna's Choice Lion Brand Yarn - oneof my new favs

I think he is glad I have something I enjoyed to do that is not reading journal articles, writing up research, or collected data. Plus, I am working on my projects often so I am not buying massive amounts of yarn and not using it. I am still working a little each day on my other blanket. I can't wait to see the final result of this one because the photos other blogger's have of theirs are b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l! Happy Hooking!!! (crochet-ers use hooks)

I haven't decided who I will give this blanket to, but I love working on it a little bit each day

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  1. Happy hooking! Hahahah!

    By the way, there's this really nice brand of merino wool yarn that I like a lot, you may want to give it a try. I'll see if I can find a label in my yarn box.