Monday, February 7, 2011

Another WIP

Hello! I've been grading all morning today. I designated Mondays as my day for grading last week's assigments/work my students submit on Sunday evenings. Today I moved out of my office and onto the lanai so I can enjoy the fresh air while I work away at my laptop (instead of being cooped up indoors like I often am).
Similar to the way I go about most things in my life, I have multiple works in progress for my crocheting. This is definitely evident by the various pictures I posted of different pieces I am working on over the last few weeks. Last week I shared some circle grannys, which are now slowly turning into true granny sqaures as I make the last round and connect them together. My inspiration for this one came from Lucy in Attic24 ( as well as this one which I believe her name is Meg ( is mostly in non-English but the pattern is provided in English. I decided to make the final round squares for this blanket, but after I finish this one, I am going to make something with hexagons.

First round 4 added

As round for for circle #2 was made, I connected if with the first one

The connect as you go is G R E A T!

This is my M.C. Esher Metamorphosis exibit - I may be on to something here!!
I didn't really mean to do it, but my last photo reminds me of an M. C. Esher drawing - a metamorphosis photo - and I think it is really neat! Since I didn't really plan to make it look like that, I certainly could improve for future photos if I want to go down that route. Maybe tomorrow I can orchestrate a true metamorphosis shot... hold your excitment for tomorrow to see what I can come up with. My brother Kevin is an art teacher and I am sure once he stops in for a visit on my blog this week, he will have some helpful advice.

Oh and I made another cap during the garage sale Saturday morning. I love the look of the hat with a flower attached so of course I added one on. Here it is for you to enjoy:

Have a great start to your week. XOXO


  1. Cool Susan - I just love the photo in progress - and you can just let it sit there on the floor while you're working since you don't have any naughty kitties or doggies to destroy your work! :-)

    PS I also love your green "baby" model! :-)

  2. Thanks C! I saw the yarn and thought it would be a perfect fit for the cap and it was!
    Yes, I am lucky I can lay my WIPs all around the house - at least until my husband says I need to confine them a bit. I can't wait to see the baby cap you made.