Thursday, February 3, 2011

Where did the sun go?

Well the morning is starting out foggy and cloudy here, but considering my busy schedule today, I do not mind one bit! I have several meetings, some data coding, dinner with our neighbors who are in town from Montreal, and then another Live Chat with my students (students from a different course tonight). Today may be a day where I don't have time to crochet until late tonight.

Happy Birthday to my brother Kevin!! He will be snow shoeing in the county forest in western NY to celebrate being 30. Here are two cupcakes for you.
Two cupcake hats for the Babies in Africa
Since I usually try to include some nature everyday for those of you who have no green to see here it is - We planted a tangerine tree last year and after two winters with temperatures below freezing, we've lost a lot of leaves. After comparing the tree to a photo I took from last year, the tree looks considerably better. For some reason the leaves on top fell off again this year. Does anyone know why this would have happened? We were thinking maybe it is normal.

I am really looking forward to showing you my progress on two other projects: one is the ripple blanket you know about but the other one I have not said what it will be!! Stay tuned for more information tomorrow.
Only one more day until the weekend!!!! Have a fabulous day XOXO

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