Thursday, February 10, 2011


Hello Everyone,
Today is not so sunny, but I have a busy day indoors so I don't mind. We have so many days of sunshine in Florida that I often welcome days of rain and clouds. When the sun is out I have a sense of urgency to get outside and enjoy myself - I think this is from living up north for so long. Sometimes you could miss all the nice days in a summer if they fell during the week.
Our new file cabinet came in yesterday so after work I was busy putting it together. I was trying to suprise J before he got home from work with the completed cabinet, but I ran into some trouble. The sides of one of the drawers did not line up properly so I couldn't put it together. I was going to call the company today (their phone line was 9am-5pm) and tell them I needed a new piece when I realized we could try to drill down some of the pieces to get them to align properly.
So after J came home he glady took out the drill and did the drilling for me (when he was out of town in October I tried to drill the curtain rod in the bathroom... I don't try to use the drill anymore). So the file cabinet is complete and looks lovely! The matching desk should be arriving via Fed Ex sometime today. So after work today we will put together the desk. If all goes well I will be able to share the photos with you tomorrow.

Slowly but surely I am making progress on my ripple blanket. I love the way the blanket feels, I am very happy with the Vanna's Choice yarn, this is my first project using it. When I lay the blanket out on the floor it makes me want to strethch out and lay on it. I think I may make a ripple cushion to go along with the blanket, or a cushion to coordinate but a different pattern.
I have been trying to keep my WIPs confined to certain places so J doesn't feel like I have WIPs all over the place. He hasn't said anything yet but we don't want him to start resenting crochet! So far he is really enjoying the outcomes of my work and only tells me to take a break when he knows I've been at it all day long :) I do have a pattern I am going to try this weekend that I cannot wait to share the work with all of you!!
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a fabulous day
Susan H.   XOXO

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