Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Crochet Time

Super Bowl = Prime time crocheting! Although J isn't a big fan of either team playing in the super bowl, I am enjoying this evening during the super bowl crocheting the night away.
Last week I discovered the beautiful African Flower's created by many of you crocheters out there through Flickr and Elizabeth Cat. I made the pinkish flower as my first tester and posted that a few days ago. This weekend I've been working on some daisy looking ones for a project I hope to reveal later this week. Here are my African Daisy flowers so far:

This is my first time making granny-like squares that are not square shape. I love making these flowers! I suspect I will be like Elizabeth Cat and start making many of them in a variety of colors. Once my friends and family see these, everyone is going to want a piece!
I did not post anything yesterday because after our community garage sale, which was a great success, I wasn't feeling very well. I got some rest yesterday afternoon and evening, and I am feeling much better today. Hopefully I kicked it and won't be sick later this week. The spring semester is already a quarter of the way finished for my university, I can't believe how fast time is flying by.
Well, back to crocheting, I hope to have a significant portion of one of my other works in progress (WIP) to show you tomorrow after all of my crocheting this evening.


  1. Very pretty color combo! I was thinking of doing the same colors when I make my next African Flower pillow.

  2. Thanks! I am working on finishing up the pillow right now. Hopefully I will be able to show some photos in a few days.