Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sunny days, sweepin' the clouds away

Hello Friends! Last night and this morning I have been working on a Valentine's Day project but I am not going to share it until tomorrow because I want it to be completely finished. I can't wait to bring it to my office and hang it up for some Valentine's day cheer. I will start making one for St. Patrick's day too!

We are having another beautiful day here and I am busy working inside. Maybe in a little while I will re-locate to the lanai. The wind was quite strong the last few days so I decided to start inside for today instead of sitting on the lanai. While I was working this morning, I saw a sworm of ducks enter the pond behind my house. We usually have some white birds walking around looking for a nice meal, but we do not always have the darker ducks in the water.
J and I call them the "diving ducks" because they fly in quickly and dive down to the bottom of the pond and eat up as many fish as they can handle. When they are on the prowl they work quickly and dive down into the water the majority of the time we see them.
Sometimes as many as thirty birds/ducks are around to enjoy in the feast.
Just entered the water

Coming up for a breather
 This bird with the dark colored head is a newer one coming around. We noticed him this weekend and it looks like he may be a regular now. The other white bodied birds that frequent our backyard have a white head.

We also have some bald eagles frequent our neighborhood but we do not see them very often. It is a real treat when they come around. I will be on the look out to catch a glimpse of an eagle for you!
Have a fabulous Tuesday and get ready for my Valentine's Day treat tomorrow XOXO

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