Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Love is in the air

Hello and thanks for popping in today to see my lovely surprise for Valentine's Day!!!!
Alice over at Crochet with Raymond posted her pattern for blunting for a new crochet class she is teaching and I love trying little projects in between my larger ones. I never really saw something like this crocheted before nor did I know the proper name was bunting - but I knew I needed to make some to decorate my office at work. My office at work is pretty bare. I get so consumed with doing research, I don't find the time to make my office look home-y. I also have a theory about decorating it, as soon as I decorate my office I will get moved to a different office location. I am not hoping to move, but if an office becomes available on the other side of the hall (the more scenic side) I would love to hop over to the other side of the hall.  
So, Monday evening and Tuesday I stitched up these bunts and stretched them out yesterday.
I didn't have a cork board to stretch them out on so I wet them and stretched them out on a towel and covered them with another towel and placed a large heavy book on top. Stretching on a cork board or another type of board and pinning them will work much better.
After I made five I made a chain and attached them as I chained.
Ta-Dah - The perfect little garland for Valentine's Day!

My hibiscus plants are the most reliable plants in our garden. Through the cold winter spells and driest drought conditions, the hibiscus plants always come through, and the flowers are beautiful!
Yesterday I popped outside to get some fresh air in between conference calls and meeting and snapped some photos to share.

I must run and observe one of my colleagues teach this morning. Enjoy your day and take some time to enjoy nature outside!


  1. your bunting is gorgeous! Very valentiney! And wow, what a gorgeous hibiscus! When I lived in the far north of NZ the hibiscus plants were huge and everywhere, in wellington it is too cold for these beauties, so your photos were a lovely reminder of a woarmer time in life!!!!!

  2. Lovely bunting. Just popped in from Crochet with Raymonds' blog. Saw your comment so had to check out your version. I like the joyful colors.