Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Eagle Soars!

Goood Morning and thanks for stopping by.
I've been working on my Japanese flowers but I will wait until tomorrow to share them with you. I still haven't decided what I want them to be but right now I am working towards the shrug/shawl/scarf shape and then it can always be made into a blanket by adding more flowers! Since I don't have any new crochet photos to share with you today, I will share with you some of the beautiful nature we have here in Florida. First some more pink flowers in my garden. I had to plant them from a pot but they certainly brighten my day every time I look at the big blossoms.

Each day I see a different bird here. This bird is usually found around water. We don't usually see him in our backyard but at places like Sanibel Island, they are plentiful around the mangrove trees. If we had mangrove trees in our backyard, I bet we would see some there.
We have unique birds all over the place!
 AND... something you probably really didn't think I would be showing you a photo of: a manatee. The manatees come to the curves of the Gulf of Mexico in the winter to stay warm. We were very lucky a few years ago to come face to face with some while kayaking at Ft. De Soto state park near St. Pete Beach, FL. This one was a baby and swam around us for a while, then went and got his/her mom. The mom was quite larger which you can see here on the bottom of the photo.
Little Manatee next to the Mom
Well I hope you saw some things you didn't think you would get to see today. Have a fabulous day and I look forward to showing you my homemade pieces of nature with my Japanese flowers tomorrow!
XOXO Susan

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