Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Sunday in the Sun

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Today was a perfect Sunday, the way all Sundays should be -- some action packed fun and time to unwind and relax. Although I secretly wanted to finish crocheting my African flower daisy cushion as soon we I woke up, we woke up early and went kayaking in Matlacha, Pine Island FL. The water was a little choppy but we had a great time. We saw a manatee but I wasn't able to snap a photo to share, AND we saw two dolphins playing and hunting for food. We've seen dolphins plenty of times before, and we even saw a hunt before, but today was unlike any other dolphin hunt we have seen. At one point the dolphin jumped in the air to catch a fish. It was like when you see the sharks jump up and eat a seal on the Discover Channel. We couldn't believe it. Of course my little handy dandy camera was not ready for this type of action, but I was able to get some shots and even took a little video of the dolphins.

A shipwreck... I wonder how long the boat has been there?

You can see the second dolpin just above the surface to the left
The dolphins were a nice treat on our kayak adventure. We were tired after our morning trip, so we can home and relaxed for a little while. The little kids down the street were playing in their little kid pool and they brought out the Slip 'n Slide we got one of them for his birthday. They are still little for Slip 'n Slide but J insisted we get it for them once he saw it at the store. Since they are still young, they didn't really understand how to use it, so I showed them how to slip 'n slide! While I was slip n sliding, J made us a nice dinner on the grill: filet mignon, grilled potatoes and cauliflower.   

 After dinner we were relaxing on the lanai, (I was working on my crochet pillow) and a bald eagle stopped by on our neighbor's roof. A perfect ending to the day! He made a weird noise which we thought he was calling his other eagle friends to come by, but we didn't see any additional eagles. Maybe next time.
I hope your weekend was just as lovely. Tomorrow it is back to being inside and working away.
XOXO Susan

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