Friday, January 30, 2015

End of January

Hello Friends,

I cannot believe we are already at the end of January. My maternity is going by so quickly, but I do feel like I am spending so many valuable days with my little one. I find myself leaving my hook and yarn alone so I could stare at her while she sleeps.

She is a happy little baby!

Due to gazing at my baby girl all day, I have not made a whole lot of progress on finishing up her blanket. I did see how the circles are looking with the white rows to square them off. I accidentally made one row too many in the circle color and didn't want to pull them out after I had already finished several circles so it isn't as clean as the last time I made this blanket. It will do for this one, but next time I will make sure I stop before that row so it can be white.

Circle of Friends, Pink and White Baby Blanket
Are you on Pinterest? That really is probably a dumb question. I am obsessed with Pinterest. You can find my pinterest boards here. Right now I have 12,977 pins. By the time you read this I may be over 13,000. I love finding recipes, patterns, inspiration, etc. I found some lovely crochet hearts that I want to whip up before the end of next week for my two year old for Valentines Day on February 14. Does anyone have a favorite heart pattern?

xo Susan

Monday, January 26, 2015

Premie Crochet Hats

Good Morning!

The cold weather and snow is not something we have here in Southwest Florida but I am thinking of all of our friends and family and those of you our there in blog land who are experiencing the cold and snow. Last post I told you about the early arrival of my friends' baby boy, so I make some soft little hats for him to wear while he is in the hospital.

Preemie Crochet Hat

Quick Preemie Baby Crochet Hat

I put then on my ipad so you can see how teeny they are!

They are located in Colorado Springs, CO so they will have some cold weather for quite a while, I am sure little Ben will be needing plenty of hats. I didn't follow a specific pattern, I used my daughter's new born hat that was given to her in the hospital made by one of the hospital volunteers to gage size and just winged it from there. I made sure they were smaller than the one we were given since Ben is a preemie and I remember the hat being a little too big for my daughter when she was born. I need to trim the pom pom a little to make it even, and I think I will leave the blue hate without a pom pom.

I can write out a pattern if people are interested

Happy Monday!


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Christmas Joy

Happy Post Holidays!

We had a great holiday season in my house. My two year old was so excited for her grandparents to visit (my parents) and she didn't really get the whole Santa thing but was all wound up as if she did. Her joy and happiness made this holiday season so much better!

Christmas 2014

My little reindeer

Time just passes much too quickly.
I cannot believe my littlest one is 8 weeks old already.I was not able to get her blanket complete to put under the Christmas tree as a present, but I only have one more circle left to crochet, which will be completed today!

Circle of Friends Purples and Pinks

Circle of Friends, 16 circles, Baby Blanket

I wish I had a lighter pink color in there but the light pink color for Vanna's Choice was lighter than I wanted to go. I think this will look great and Teagan will love it just as much as my two year old loves her.

My next project I have to get moving on as soon as this is done is another baby blanket for my friends who were expecting. Their bundle of joy arrived yesterday, very early at 32 weeks. I am going to whip up some little tiny hats to send in the mean time because I know the nurses will make sure his little head is nice and warm.

Happy Hooking!

xo Susan