Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Friday

After completing some data analysis this morning, I am trying get some things ready for our community garage sale tomorrow morning. I am selling some of my first pieces of furniture I purchased after moving to FL - they have been great pieces over the last five years but the time has come to part ways. Yesterday I was so tired after the long week I didn't even get to crochet. This weekend I will work on my ripple blanket. Here is the status so far:
 The width and current length

Folded up and Up close
Last night we enjoyed a delicious italian dinner at our neighbor's house. They served bruschetta as an appetizer and J brought some home with for us to enjoy today. Well for me to enjoy today, J doesn't eat tomatos (I had to live dinner early to have a live chat with my students). So... in between garage sale preparation and some work, I am sneaking in some bruschetta.

This weekend I will steal away some time to relax and make many more rows.
Tonight J and I are going to my university's men's basketball game as guests of the Provost in the President's box! Members of the faculty senate were invited to attend, and it looks like not too many senators took up his offer. We are very excited to attend and enjoy the evening. I will tell you how it goes!

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