Sunday, February 20, 2011

Granny Square Connect As You Go, M.C. Escher Take 2 Attempt

Hello Friends,
Yesterday I attempted to do my second take on my granny garden blanket (I call it my granny garden because I think the circles look like a colorful garden) metamorphosis photo. If you remember a couple weeks ago I took a progress photo of the blanket and it resembled an M.C. Escher style piece of art. So I decided I would make a real attempt at making a metamorphosis photo as I completed more of the blanket. After speaking with my brother about it, we thought a dark background would enhance the blanket, so I thought the dark green grass we have here in Florida would be perfect, plus it is a colorful garden after all!

So yesterday I waited for the grass to dry after the irrigation system ran, and waited for the sun to be in the right position (the sun is sometimes too bright for the colors to show in photos), and I did not have good luck. The grass is very thick here and wouldn't allow the blanket and pieces to lay flat, making the photo look un-even. As you can tell from the photo, things look a little wobbly.

Uneven grass...
On the coffee table getting ready
So, my hubby is cleaning off the brick driveway so I can do a take 3 today with the reddish brick background for the photo. Keep your fingers crossed! I will post the "Take 3" photos later this evening.  I hope you have a nice Sunday planned, we are going to go out to lunch on the water and watch some dolphins play while we eat - today is another gorgeous day!

Oh, one last thing: A.C. Moore craft store has Vanna's Choice yarn on sale for $2 again!!! WOOOO, of course I just had to buy some more for $2.50 on Friday for my granny stripe blues but I will be stocking up again for sure. You may be wondering what I would still need at this point, but after the granny garden blanket and the ripple, I ran out of some colors. Oh, and I also needed some more white, olive green, and mustard yellow for my African flower daisy cushion -- I hope to show you in the next few days!!! My very first one. Michael's craft store has Vanna's choice on sale for for $2.50 each and then tomorrow (Monday) for President's Day they are giving an additional 20% off, see the website for the coupon, so if you are closer to a Michael's you can get it for $2 each tomorrow. Ok, enough of my going on already.

Have a fabulous Sunday and check back soon for the crochet metamorphosis!
XOXO Susan


  1. This is coming along so nicely! I can't wait to see your pics this afternoon. Enjoy your lunch and the dolphins. What a lovely way to have lunch.

  2. Hello Susan,
    Your blanket is turning wonderful :)
    This week I am gonna post about mine ;)
    Have a beautiful evening,

  3. Dear Susan your crochet against the brick path looks great. Love all the little circles. Sarahj