Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hat Happiness

My very first posting was a baby hat which was made for the Caps for Good program. The university I work at, FGCU, has a strong commitment to service learning and our students complete service learning projects each year. We have a student who is working on a project to make hats/caps for new babies in need, so the majority of the hats I have posted will contribute to her project. Several of my co-workers have been knitting and crocheting the last two weeks to help make baby hats. We have some cupcakes, some flowers, and some pom poms! My friend Carolynne made the four hats in the top right photo, and the two hats on the bottom right photo are my attempts to make the green sparkly one she made (the pattern is free and can be found here). My colleague Gil made the other cupcake hat and is working on a little pumpkin hat right now. Her cupcake hat inspired me to make the pink and blue one! We've been having a great time talking about crochet every chance we get the chance (during break time of course).

I have been enjoying the photos many other crochet like Lucy and Jacquie are posting of their bulbs in bloom. Since we cannot plant bulbs in the ground here (doesn't get cold enough for them to freeze), I enjoy the store bought potted bulbs too. When I first purchased this one there were two flowers starting to show. By the next morning there were three as seen below and then the second photo was the third day! Each day more flowers appear. I love tulips but I can't wait to see some daffodils.

Well, the sun is shining and I must do some work on this chilly Saturday morning. Luckily I have my tulips to stare at in between breaks, and I will sneak in time to finish the charity baby hat to add to the finished pile. Hopefully my afternoon will be filled with some tennis and some Japanese crochet flowers attempts. Check back tomorrow to see how they turned out!
XOXO Susan 


  1. Your hats look great Susan! Looks like you figured out the pattern. Was it as easy as I said?