Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Foggy Views and Granny Stripes

Good Morning Lovelies,

We have a foggy start to the day here, but it is bright so it looks like the sun will be out shortly. Yesterday I found painfully little marks on my left heel, which J thought were spider bites. I couldn't even run last night because it hurt too much to have my sneakers rub against the skin. When I went outside to check out the fog this morning, I noticed we have spider webs all over the place (they were not there yesterday). Spider webs across the screen of the lanai, around some plants, and on some trees. It looks like J is probably right about my little marks being spider bites. I am going to put him on spider patrol.

Foogy Morning

Usually I can see all the way down the street in the backyard
Can you see the spider web?
I have made a little progress on my granny stripe. Tomorrow I will show you my color inspiration for this one. I am using blues and some shades of green and a yellow here and there - an English Cottage/Meadow look. Those of you in England you will have to be the judge for me once the blanket is complete! For anyone who missed my first posting - I explained some subtle differences between my pattern (due to my errors of course) and Lucy's pattern for the granny stripe.

I still love touching this blanket. Even though the texture isn't as differentiated as other patterns, I still think the look and feel is great.
Well off to grade all day long with a little bit of getting our taxes done in between. I usually spend Mondays grading all day but yesterday I had some other projects to finish up so this week Tuesday will be my full day of grading.
XOXO Susan

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  1. Wow - that is one HUGE spider web! Must have been a large spider. Maybe he came to live with you because he's seen all of your crocheting and wants to join in the fun. :-)