Thursday, February 17, 2011

Can't Get Enough of the Flowers

Hello Again,
I have been bursting with excitement about my Japanese flowers. I really love them and try to sneak in time each day to make some, but of course my full time job has been getting in my way. Last week I "cracked" the pattern, well my interpretation of the pattern, and I have been making lovely flowers ever since. I think I will stick of a color scheme for my next Japanese flower project because I am having great difficulty deciding what colors to use and trying to have proper variation.

Usually each night before J goes to sleep (he goes to sleep earlier than I do), I relax with him prior to his bedtime and then I do some late night crocheting or research while watching my fav tv shows (we all know what everyone will be watching tonight - Thursdays...). Last night as I added on flowers I kept drapping it over J to see how it looked as a blanket, but he was complaining it was too warm - which it is starting to get very warm again. Crocheting blankets in the heat is not ideal but maybe mild weather will hang around just a little bit longer (mild being under 80 degrees F).

Laying Flat on the Floor... Can you see my little mistake in there?

Drapped over a chair. The flowers look so much larger than I imagined. I LOVE IT!
The pattern for the shrug/shawl/scarf is to be worked as a trapezoid shape, 4 flowers deep and then as wide and you want. I am going to stick with the trapezoid shape for now and see how it goes. I think I am going to bring this WIP into the office today to share with the ladies in person because I think it looks so fab in person (I am getting a little can probably tell).
I hope your day is fabulous and for many of your up north, I hope you enjoy the spring-like weather coming your way!
XOXO Susan


  1. You really have been busy with your flowers. looking great. And thanks
    again for your help with the petals. Will be having a break from work next week so plenty of time for crocheting flowers!!

  2. I LOVE the way it looks draped over the chair. Maybe you should leave it there... :-)

  3. Wow Friend they look amazing. I love that. very unique.

  4. Thank you ladies. I just love these flowers. Sarahj I can't wait to see yours.
    Carolynne, I was thinking the same thing about the chair with the flowers on it.