Saturday, February 19, 2011

Back at It

Hello Friends,
Yesterday I was feeling a bit under the weather so I did not share anything with you on my blog. I did start another WIP, I know I know, I already have several other works in progress but since I am new to crocheting regularly, I am so far behind! I love all of the things Lucy at Attic 24 and Alice at Crochet with Raymond have been making over the years that I feel compelled to "catch up". I am still working on my other projects for variation, but I just needed to try the granny stripe.

The granny stripe is still in the very beginning stages and I am using a certain color pattern as my inspiration but I am not going to reveal my color inspiration just yet...

I followed Lucy's pattern as best I could, except I forgot for the first row that her dc really meant sc in USA terms. SO my first row is a dc instead of single crochet. I really love making it, the rows go at a nice pace and it looks so nice, especially the texture it produces with each color having a row of front and back (you flip) which doesn't usually happen in a regular granny square. In addition to using a USA dc (instead of a UK dc which is sc in USA) my other adjustments were to put one chain in between each granny cluster for the second row only (first row of clusters, but second row of the blanket). Lucy's pattern says to make the length in multiples of three's so mine was a chain of 162. I was imagining a blanket to cover one person on a sofa or bed.
Welllll I hope you have a fabulous weekend and I just might post again tonight to make up for yesterday. We will see how much progress I make today. The weather is delightful as usual here so I may have to crochet outside.
XOXO Susan 


  1. This is going to be really beautiful. I love your color choices.

  2. Thank you Tracie. I am going for an english cottage/meadow look.

  3. Hello Susan,
    I love your granny stripe and your ripple is simply GORGEOUS...A BIG WOW :):)
    Thank you for visiting today and I too want to see your "fairy tale blanket" did you post about it or not yet?
    Have a wonderful we,