Monday, January 31, 2011

It's Monday Again

Good Morning. I have another long week ahead of me, as I am sure most of you do too. Yesterday was a nice an releaxing day for J and I. We went for a bike ride around our community and we also ventured outside our community to enjoy the nice weather and check out ponds in the area, mostly look to see if there were fish in the other ponds. About two year a ago, my husband (J) and I traveled up to the northern part of Florida when we first moved in and stocked our community ponds with catfish. The catfish grew to be quite large. After come very cold days this winter, we no longer see the catfish in our backyard pond, or any other fish for that matter. Over the summer when we would feed the fishies, it would look like this. Lately, we see nothing.

Today I am also sending off the baby blanket to my dear friend Gina. Her baby girl is due February 26th. I started making this blanket as soon as I heard she was pregnant. Of course it still took me many months to complete because I did not work on it each day. Today I will send it off to her in Tampa FL so she can put it in the baby's room with the rest of her stuff as we all wait for her arrival!!! 

This is the blanket that got me back into crocheting again!
Folded up and read to go


  1. Cool! Are you sending the cupcake hat to her also?

  2. See, it posts from "Challenger" and I have no idea why... Kinda strange that it came up that way, especially since the first time I tried to post a comment was 25 years to the day after the Challenger explosion.

  3. Thanks for your comments Challenger (HAHA). I am not sending a cupcake hat, but maybe I should make one for her too. I also sending the flower headband I am going to post in today's posting. Check it out!