Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lovely Nights

Two posts in one day!!!!!!! I am becoming blog obsessed. Well not really, I am crochet obsessed though. I think I am going to sneak over to A.C. Moore tomorrow and get some more yarn. I don't want to have to buy it had a higher price, plus they had the best selection of Vanna's Choice compared to the other craft stores in the area, and yes I went to all of them the last few weeks.

As I type this post, I can hear the crickets outside my window, it reminds me of summers when I was young. I loved the sound of crickets at night because it meant it was summer, and summers are too short in Buffalo.  The last few evenings have been just like perfect summer nights in Buffalo. The smell of the air brings back memories of playing hide and go seek outside with my brother K and our next door neighbors. We would play in the dark until our parents would make us go inside to get ready for bed. My brother Kevin is turning 30 tomorrow! I can't believe it.Where has the time gone.

The other day J and I saw this turtle crossing the road. Although I have seen them many times, and these ones are not the pretty painted turtle, I thought I would snap a photo to share my with snow bound pals who were treated to a lovely snow day today.

Community Friends
Nights like these make this my favorite time of the year in Florida. I've been trying to spend as much time outside as possible but today was a busy day indoors full of conference calls, transcribing data, and Live Chats with my online students.

I did sneak in some crocheting time too! I saw this African Flower on a beautiful pillow on Alice's Blog, Crocheting with Raymond's, and I had to take a quick try at the pattern before I decide what to make with it. I may make a pillow, but I think I MUST make a blanket first. I love flowers very much and this motif is exquisite!

I hope you have a fabulous evening and Thursday. XOXO

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