Friday, February 25, 2011

Finally Friday

Another late posting again -- Sarasota was beautiful. Many of the conference attendees came from the northern snowy parts of the US, and I bet they had a hard time sitting inside listening to research presentations when the pool outside at the hotel was b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l! I forgot to nap a pic of the pool to share but I did get some ocean views further south of Sarasota in Port Charlotte. 

And a lovely morning glory in bloom near the water. I love morning glories. My next door neighbor Kathy used to plant morning glories each summer on her deck and I loved how they would open every morning. I found they grow like weeds. I planted some last year and I see many starting to come up this year.

Now, I will be working on my crochet projects this weekend so I should have an update for you on my projects, but I wanted to share with you a project my friend Carolynne is working on. Her very first sweater!! and I love it so much I think I have to make one too. She hasn't completed it yet, but it is the Chevron sweater pattern on raverly (I think it is raverly's most popular sweater pattern). I made her bring it into work so I could photograph it to share with all of you. This is her first piece of clothing she has crocheted for herself. In the past she has made smaller items, she is a baby hat making pro. Don't you just LOVE it! Again, this is a work in progress. She is going to get a fabulous button for a closure at the top. Don't worry, I will provide and update of the final product once she finishes it.

Maybe I will be able to start mine this weekend. I need to make it soon otherwise I won't be able to wear it until I travel somewhere up north or wait for next winter. The current temperature outside is 73 degrees F, and my office at work in always very warm. Maybe I will make it in a cotton?
I hope you have you are able to put your feet up and relax for a while this weekend.
XOXO Susan

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  1. Hi would be very welcome to join THE FLOWER BED...but we need you e-mail address to authorize you, so you can post your progress PM me with your addy please and l will send you an invite
    Hugs Suz x