Tuesday, January 25, 2011

First day!

Hello Friends, I learned to crochet many years ago and now that I finished my doctoral dissertation, I finally have time to get back into it. I am keeping a blog to share my projects with friends and family who do not live near by and share information with other crocheters.

My first completed project from this weekend is a little green cap, for the Caps for Good charity (http://www.goodgoes.org/caps#&slider1=3). My colleague Gil has gathered the crocheters and knitters in our college to work on another great charity project. 
For this cap, I followed the crochet pattern provided in the Caps for Good instructions. The flower embellishment was made using the Rosa Crochet Pattern from via raverly.com here is the pattern: http://hookhound.blogspot.com/p/rosa-crochet-flower.html 
I thought the babies in Africa would love a little flower :) 

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