Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday Crochet Lunches

Good Morning,

My back is feeling much better today so I am ready to be back in business. Some of the ladies at work were interested in learning to read one of the crochet diagrams so we decided we should meet on Thursdays at lunch time. We are all currently working on other projects so we won't be crocheting the diagram C was hoping to learn. Our plan is to simply share our current projects, oh and ah over them and crochet while we eat lunch. Sounds funny doesn't it? After many scheduling conflicts, today should be our first day. Keep your fingers crossed we make it happen!

So I packed my bag with my granny strip and Japanese flower blanket.

I am bringing yarn to work on the granny stripe, and I am just bringing the flower blanket to show them.

Outside in my garden, I had to trim down my hibiscus plants this week to allow them to get thicker and full of flowers. I hated having to trim branches with flowers budding, so I thought I could salvage them and place them in a vase with water. I didn't know if they would still bloom or not, but they are blooming and looking lovely.

I hope you have a fabulous Thursday and are able to stop for a few minutes and enjoy the beautiful day.
xoxo Susan

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