Sunday, March 27, 2011

Granny Stripes and Chocolate

Good Morning,

I am finally feeling a little bit back on track with things since I have been able to catch up on some crocheting this weekend. I've been working on the Japanese flower cover/blanket this weekend and I also added a few rows to the granny stripe. The longer the granny stripe gets the more I like it. The granny stripe is nice and cozy underneath. Even with the spaces between the clusters, this will still be a super warm blanket.

Last week while my friend Colleen visited, we stopped by Norman Love's salon to get some yummy treats. This was actually my first time visiting Norman Love because J and I were slightly mis-directed last time we tried to find it. After visiting for the first time, I have a feeling I will be making many many visits there. I didn't tell Colleen the name of the "chocolate place" we were going to because I wasn't aware of Norman Love's popularity. She was very excited to stop by their store as it is the only storefront location and she is a pastry chef herself. Unfortunately Norman was not in the shop that day, so she wasn't able to meet him. Maybe next time.

Colleen outside of Norman Love's

My yummy treats

We enjoyed some scummy goodies. I got a brownie pop, turtle rounds (carmel, peanuts, and chocolate) and a milk chocolate bar. Colleen purchased some bon bons in a variety of flavors which I didn't get a photo of, but they were quite impressive. The mango one was divine!

Well I am off to go enjoy the gorgeous day outside. I hope you have some sunshine near you.
xoxo Susan

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