Saturday, March 19, 2011

Flowery Saturday

Good Morning,
After a long week, I am going to spend my morning out on the lanai working on the Japanese flower blanket. Last night was the deadline for submitting proposals for one of the national conferences I attend every year so this week was extra busy preparing proposals to submit. The conference will be held in November in Anaheim California. I have never been to California so I look forward to it very much.

Back to crochet: I feel like the flower blanket/cover is getting larger and I can see progress being made. Although I have a feeling to get to the next big chunk of it done will take quite a while. I usually make a few white centers and then do the petals. I think I will try to make ten more today white centers today and complete at least five of those ten into flowers. Who knows maybe I will get all ten into flowers!

I am going to add more blue flowers. Right now there are four different shades of blue, although the two or three darker ones are hard to tell apart in the photographs. I am making this as a surprise gift and I think the home it will live in will look great with more blue flowers with the other colors mixed in.

The sun is shining and it looks like we are in for another beautiful day in the mid to high eighties (degrees F). I am not sure what else we will venture out and do today. J keeps mentioning mini-golf, or going to ride on this mountain bike trail we heard about, but I would like to play tennis. So we will see what activities we do today. Tomorrow I am going to share with you some information about a great charity that supports women who are experiencing cancer. The charity is called Embraceable Wraps for those who just can't wait for tomorrow.

Happy Saturday
xoxo Susan

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