Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Slowly but Surely

Good Morning,

Photos are now back in action on blogger! For the last two days photos were not showing up on the blogger blogs, which makes posts not as lovely. Now we can all see what everyone has been up to. I think photos really help viewers get a feel for the pieces of life being blogged. I have been waiting to share some updated photos of my flower blanket.

Very early this morning I made a fast movement in my sleep and pulled a muscle along my spine. I ended up having to get up at around 5:00am because it was too uncomfortable to lay down. Luckily I can still type so I can get a lot of work done today, and hopefully crochet this evening too. My back has done this before but luckily at last three months have gone by since my last episode. Fortunately, I have some fabulous sun flowers to cheer me up!

I hope you have some real or crocheted flowers in your life.
Have a fabulous day!!
xoxo Susan

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