Friday, March 25, 2011

Vera Bradley Fall 2011 Pattern - Mocha Rouge

Good Morning Lovelies,

As I forewarned, this has been a busy week and I have not been able to do any crocheting (hopefully this weekend I can make up for it). So, today I am going to give another sneak peak at one of the Vera Bradley Fall 2011 Patterns. Yesterday the Summer 2011 patterns hit the stores. Did you go and check them out? Unfortunately I was not able to get out to see them yet, another thing on the list for this weekend.

Last week I shared Plum Petals, which is a nice purple-y pattern. Today I am sharing Mocha Rouge. This one has brown back tones and white, light pink, and dark pink flowers. I suspect this one will be very popular with young women and girls. Very cute!

I like this pattern and look forward to seeing how it looks on all of the different shaped bags. The insight of the bag is cute too. What do you think?
I must run to finish off the week at work. I look forward to relaxing on the lanai and crocheting very soon...
xoxo Susan

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  1. Cute pattern I <3 it and plan to go on a vera bradley shopping spree this weekend!!