Friday, March 4, 2011

Vera Bradley Summer 2011 Pattern Deco Daisy

Hello Out There,
I've been working on my garden granny circle (white connect-as-you-go). I've decided weaving in the ends for each circle/square takes just as long as crocheting each circle/square. I am very happy with the way it looks, I just hope the weaved in ends stay put. I may give it as a gift, I am not sure yet, I don't know if I will be able to part with my first one. My mom has indicated she would love one - she still needs to decide where she would like to place it or use it so I know the size to make. I promise a crochet photo will come tomorrow!
Here is another sneak peak at one of the Summer 2011 Vera Bradley Pattern - Deco Daisy. I like the pattern but I am not sure if I will purchase anything in this pattern. I am a fan of red though. What do you think about this pattern?
Deco Daisy Pattern

Inside Pattern and Border
The inside the bag pattern looks great! I think many people will like the inside. It will be interesting to see how many people get this one. Where I live in Florida Vera Bradley bags are pretty popular. Our climate allows for fabric bags to be used all year round (no snow here). I suspect Viva la Vera will be the most popular but this one may be of interest to the younger crowd of ladies. I can see high schools filled with girls carrying Deco Daisy and Viva la Vera.
XOXO Susan


  1. I have seen different summer 2011 patterns, a Happy Snails? A Plum something? I don't know which are really coming out?

  2. Hi Mary,
    Happy Snails and Plum Petals are both for the Fall 2011 release. Don't you love them?!

  3. I just ordered the deco daisy pattern. I love the look of this print. Good job Vera Bradley!!