Monday, March 7, 2011

Growing Citrus in Florida - Oranges tree, lemon tree, mango, and tangerine

Good Morning,
You may remember J and I have a mango tree, tangerine tree, and a lemon tree in our backyard. We have only live in our house for 2 years and planted the trees ourselves, so we have not had a great harvest yet. The lemon tree held up the best and is more like a bush than a tree, so J and I wanted to get a couple more citrus trees/bushes to fill the empty spaces in our garden.

This winter and last winter we had some cold spells that killed all of the plants (and they did not grow back). Now you may be thinking, it was never THAT cold here, but where I live in considered a sub tropical climate, so temperatures below freezing can be devastating to the wildlife and indigenous plants. Over half of our landscaping died last winter and the leftovers were cut down to see if they would re-grow. They did not. So yesterday, we planted a calamondin orange tree and a ponderosa lemon. We may get one or two more to add to the space too.
Ponderosa Lemon
Calamondin Orange
Lemon on the left, Orange on the right

Back of our home. Tangerine tree on front left, mango on the front right. The rest of the trees are in the garden. And there is the lanai (screen in) that I am always working on!
 Well now you know what we were up to this Sunday. I also was pricked by a thorn on the lemon tree, and possibly bit by some sort of bug too on my little (pinky?) finger. My finger stung and is now swollen right where it bends. Hopefully it does not prevent me from crocheting today. Well this morning I am off to drive up north a couple hours to see baby McKenna!!! Photos to come....
XOXO Susan

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