Sunday, March 6, 2011

Crochet Purse with a Flower

Good Morning,
We are having a little rain here this morning and I am enjoying every minute of it. Well I guess I can't call it rain yet, more like drizzle. We are in desperate need of rain because the drought conditions cause brush fires to occur. Hopefully we will get some, even though it likely won't be as much as we need.
Anyways, last night J and I went to the Irish Festival happening this weekend in our city. The music was great, a band called the Screaming Orphans and they were great! Those of you in the UK may be familiar with them too. We had a lovely corned beef and cabbage dinner and walked around and enjoyed the festivities.
I also worked on a little project yesterday that I adapted from a pattern on raverly. I didn't really mean to adapt it but apparently, I just can't read patterns very carefully. I assumed the pattern was worked around instead of connecting the bottom at the end, so mine ended up quite wider than the ones other people made.

I made a cute little flower to embellish it. I will post the patterns soon for anyone who is interested. Now my only problem is the bag is quite flimsy, any suggestions to make it stiffer? I looked into starching but I wasn't sure if that is what I should do for a purse. I will also need to add a lining of some sort. What do you think?
XOXO Susan

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