Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day and Vintage Crochet Books

Good Morning Lovelies,

Today is St. Patrick's Day here in the USA. I need to make sure I put on something green before I leave for work or my mother would not be happy if she knew I did not wear green on St. Patrick's Day. As far as St. Patrick's Day festivities we do not have anything specific planned. We've had our corned beef and cabbage dinners and enjoyed some Irish music over the last two weeks, which always tastes extra good this time of year. This evening I think I will eat some fish and and chips for dinner, a true Irish meal.

I have been working on my Japanese flower cover (white centers) but I am going to hold off showing my progress for another day. It is looking quite nice. I am making this one as a gift and it will be sad seeing it go away. But I know the receivers will enjoy it as much as I do. I won't say who the blanket is for in case they are reading (I do not think they read my blog, but you never know).

The other day I came across another crochet book to add to my small collection. I visit the charity shops looking for old vintage books as I always love reading about the great finds everyone else has in their local charity shops. I was able to get each book for only $1.99!!! If it would have been the dicount day of the color of the price sticker it would have been only $1. Once I tried waiting for a great collection of 10 crochet and knit books and I missed out, so now if I want it, I just pay the full price of $1.99 (which of course is still a great deal).  

The book on the left is not vintage, the copyright is 2005, but the one on the right is 1979. Inside the vintage Complete Guide to Needlework book, someone named Eva wrote a note to someone named Sue (Eva must have given Sue the book as a gift) and indicated the year was 1982. Well, my name is also Sue and 1982 was the year I was born, so I just had to buy this book!! Plus the book had some crochet patterns and techniques I am not familiar with yet, so that was the main reason, but I love those other little things about it too. Hopefully this weekend I will have sometime to try some of the new stitches.  

And to give you some green for St. Patrick's Day today. Last night as J and I returned from our nightly run, we saw a HUGE frog hopping in the neighbor's driveway. Although he isn't looking super green or super huge in the photos. We used to see this large frog last spring, summer, and fall, but we had not seen him over the winter. We are glad to know he is back and survived some cold winter days for Florida. J and I and the neighbors refer to him as "Big Daddy" because he is the largest frog we've seen around the community (and little baby frogs will be coming soon, we see the tadpoles in the water).

Well, I must be off to get ready for work. I hope you enjoy St. Patrick's Day and maybe if you are lucky you will find your pot of gold at the end of a rainbow  ;-)
xoxo Susan

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  1. That looks like a toad which we have here in Australia. It was introduced to eat the sugarcane beetle and over the years has become a huge pest, killing our native animals as they have poisonous glands. Our clever crows have worked out a way of eating them to avoid the glands.
    Love your blanket. I have made a couple of shawls using this motif.
    Happy crocheting.