Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Connect As You Go Granny Circle to Squares

Good Morning,
I hope you are having a lovely morning. The sun is shining here and although I went to bed late last night (I was crocheting) the sun shining outside has me feeling energized and ready to go. Unfortunately today I will not be driving up to Tampa to see baby McKenna. McKenna's mommy is not feeling well and has a fever :-(
So I instead of working via the internet, I will be going to my office/university today (although the rising gas prices make me want to work from home permanently). Next week I will venture up there to see the my friend and the baby.

Last night I was trying to make some progress on my granny garden blanket. The granny circles which turn into squares when you connect-as-you-go. The pattern links can be found here in my first posting about it.

This blanket is interesting because while I make it, I often feel like there are too many "holes" in the blanket for it to be very useful. But, in between connecting each circle, when I lay the blanket flat across my legs to check it out, it works! I haven't decided how long I want this one to be. The smaller version would mean I am almost half done (if I do a 10 by 10 row). I think the blanket needs to be longer than 10 by 10 based on seeing other ladies' blankets. The blanket looks much more grand when it is bigger, and all of the weaving and cutting of the different colors really takes a lot of time, so I want it to look grand once it is finished. Maybe tonight I will make another dent in it. Every time I feel like I made a lot of circles, when I lay them out there just doesn't seem to be as many. I must say, it really does look as nice as I hoped it would. Now I just have to keep my fingers crossed when I wash it for the first time that my weaving in was adequate.
I hope you have a fabulous Wednesday,
XOXO Susan


  1. Love it. I sometime feel the same about the holes. But this is a true stunner. Maybe, just maybe it can be display only...he-he...

  2. it's looking gorgeous! I love the way there is an extra element of laciness created by the join as you go method, it's fantastic!

  3. Thanks ladies. I was thinking it may be a display only, especially with all of the white, haha. Alice I liked the extra laciness too when I first saw the examples of this connect-as-you-go. The funny thing is, I was wondering how I would even get mine to look like that, but it just happens.

  4. Hi! I love your blanket. I've just started to make one in very simmilar colours!!