Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Baby Blanket and Baby Hat on McKenna

Good Morning,
I am visiting with McKenna and her mommy! The little white hat I made McKenna needs some adjusting. After putting it on her little head, we discovered hear head is bigger than we thought! I am going to add a few rows later this morning and take a new photo to see if it looks better). Here are some shots of her with the blanket and hat.
So you can see the hat just looks a little odd. We were laughing hysterically each time we put it on her. For some reason it just looks really funny. Hopefully adding a few rows will help. I think it is too short, her little ears show. Her little headband is still a little too big and I just couldn't wake her while she was sleeping. She really will sleep through anything. BUT, I already moved her around all over the place trying to get good shots and I didn't want the little pumpkin to have to be moved around again.

I was determined to get a good yawn shot. It was tricky!

She looks like one of those little sleeping dolls.

The pink background blanket was knitted by a teacher who works with the baby's mommy. Very nice!

Look at those little lips. The blue blanket around her was knitted and has adorable little ducks on it (knitted by Penny)
Well, baby McKenna has finally made her debut. She was 2 weeks old yesterday. I hope you enjoyed seeing the little bundle of joy. So far she has been such a good baby - all she does is eat, sleep, and need her diaper changed. Well I hope you are having a great week so far. My university is on Spring Break this week!!! I am enjoying it very much so far but after today it will be back to getting a lot of work time. Proposals to submit and manuscripts to write.
XOXO Susan

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  1. That baby is so cute!! Nice blanket, hat, and headband by the way :)