Thursday, December 1, 2011

Baby Boy Blue Owl Hat, and another....

Hello Friends,

I have been MIA for too many days. The last month of travel has been great, but exhausting. I am now back in Florida and will be here for many weeks before having to fly anywhere else (no planned travel at least). My recent trip as you know was to Buffalo for Thanksgiving. I never made it to the Alpaca Farm -- I will have to go next year, but I did manage to do some crocheting and even practiced my knitting while I was there.

First, I had another baby to see, this one named Declan. He needed an owl hat so I crocheted a blue one for him. The first hat I made was too small, sized for a new born. I whipped up another one perfect for 4 month old Declan.

Declan and his mommy love owls, he even has an owl themed room. So a perfect little owl hat was just what he needed for the cold winter in Buffalo.

He was able to put it on Thanksgiving night after a long day of visiting with family and eating lots of turkey (jk - babies can't eat turkey!). Isn't his bib just adorable?

The closed-eye owl hat is just so cute. I think since Declan loves owls so much he is going to need another one with open eyes to get him through the long winter. Babies grow so fast and this hat just fit him.

Since just about every post has one lately, this one is no different. You guessed it, another infinity scarf. This one was made on the airplane to Buffalo. A perfect amount of time to make this lovely scarf. I wore it in the airport during our layover in Baltimore and I caught several people checking it out.

I started at the airport and finished on my flight from Fort Myers to Baltimore, so I think it took me a little over 2 hours. 2 Skeins of Lion Brand Amazing Yarn in Olive Medley. I have a tan pea coat that I wear while I am in Buffalo and this scarf was PERFECT for it.

I told my mom if she knows someone who would like those colors she can take it, but I left it there because it goes so well with my coat. So it will be there waiting for me next Thanksgiving or if I travel to Buffalo in the next few months and the weather is still cold.

I will be catching up on blog reading this weekend, I can't wait to see what you are up to.
Have a fabulous day!!
xoxo Susan


  1. Love the cute little owl hat, and the scarf- colours are stunning!!

  2. The owl hat is the cutest! I love the look on that little ones face, priceless. Love your scarf. Hope you had a great time with your family.
    Hugs to you and enjoy our Florida weather.