Friday, December 2, 2011

Some knitting practice

Hello Friends,

Thanks for stopping by. I am committed to blogging regularly for the month of December, no more once a week for me. The semester is winding down and I do have lots of grading but I have lots of things I want to make too, including some knitted items!

While I was in Buffalo, I grabbed a pair of my mom's knitting needles and practiced a little using some Wool Ease yarn I purchased and left there about 6 years ago before I moved to Florida. I casted on, watched some YouTube videos to refresh my memory and got to work.

The needles were quite large, size 1 but they were great for this thick yarn.

My goal was to practice knitting and maybe end of with something at the end. I went until the yarn was near the end. Since it was not enough yarn for a full scarf, I decided to end it with a cowl.

Just a few dropped stitches but they are all well hidden when it is worn.

So, I officially made my first knitted item. One of my friends at work said now i need to start another blog since this one is the Florida Crochet Garden. I told her not to worry, many other crochets knit too and won't mind a little knit here and there (I hope!). Crochet is still my first love :)

Have a fabulous Friday!!
xoxo Susan


  1. Well done! :-) I don't mind reading about knitting on your blog.

  2. Good for you!!! As far as I am concerned there is room for crochet, knitting, weaving...whatever you want. Look at my blog Mereknits...and I do a ton of crochet,too. Have a wonderful weekend,