Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Santa's Hat Workshop

Hello Friends,

My living room has turned into Santa's hat making workshop - well, crochet hat making workshop. I had several orders from my Etsy shop to fill and get mailed out before Christmas. So, I've been squeezing in an extra minutes I have to get these orders filled and sent out.

Some owls in pink and blue, a spiderman, a yellow bear, and some pom pom hats. The pom pom hats are very easy to make and do not require attaching of eyes like the owls or spiderman white "eye" area. I made the pink version several months ago and made my first blue one for an order.

 I used Vanna's Choice holding together a strand of Colonial Blue and Light Dusty Blue with an N/10mm hook. The hat is a quicker make, then you just make the two pom poms using both colors together and attach!

The next thing I want to show you is a stocking I made when I was around 10-12 years old. We had some yarn with red, green, and white in it - probably Red Heart Super Saver, and I made this all on my own without a pattern. I was very clever back then, I can't tell where the first chain was made or how I went about making this one. When I was in Buffalo I found it in my parent's basement and knew I needed to bring it down to my own home in Florida.

When I first moved to Florida almost 6 years ago, I was a poor doctoral student (well not super poor but you know what I mean) and I wanted to have a stocking for J but did not want to purchase one. I had some red yarn (again - Red Heart Super Saver, I used to think this was good yarn to use for crochet) and whipped up this stocking. I used Bernat's yarn for the "lace" on the trim.

I think it looks pretty good hanging considering it was a quick whip up for J's Christmas stocking.

Well, I am not going to start a career making stockings, but I have all of my hat orders complete and they were all sent off to the post office today. Now I just have to finish the rest of my Christmas cards. I did all of J's side of the cards and sent them off today. I just have to finish my list of friends and family.

Here is our Christmas tree decorated. I try to make it look a little different each year, so this year I added the white ribbon with gold trimmings on it to go with the red. Our tree is tall and thin which is perfect for the place we put it. I think the ribbons help make it look a little "fatter". Now I just have to find the rest of my ornaments - I am just not as organized this year as I usually am.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you are having a fabulous week. I've been seeing a lot of baking and Christmas decorating on the blogs. I love seeing how each person is celebrating their holiday season through crochet, crafts, and yummy goodies. We all have many similarities and unique differences. :)

xoxo Susan

P.S. Do you like my new layout for Christmas? I have been trying to change the background for a couple weeks and was finally able to do it using html code instead of uploading a photo/graphic. Now I need to keep up on it so we aren't looking at Christmas all the time!


  1. Your hats are so cute! I like the ribbon you used on your tree. And yes! Your seasonal blog background is wonderful!

  2. Cute you still have your old stockings!!
    Loving the hats- hope you get them all finished!!
    Love the new background

  3. You know I'm all about the owls this holiday season. Great fun hats.

  4. Susan, your blog is looking very festive. Love all the hats, you are one busy girl, crocheting orders, getting ready for Christmas and building a house, whew you are tiring me out. I think one of Kate and The Garden Bell's owls should be wearing one of your owl hats, wouldn't that be a hoot!
    Hugs to you,

  5. Susan: love your new layout. I am having problems getting into the spirit with this warm weather we are having! Good luck with your knitting my cowl is knit in the round no seams. It is actually easier than knitting flat once you learn it. I utubed it to learn how to knit in the round.