Thursday, December 29, 2011

Yule Log and Candy Cane Scarf

Hello Friends,

I was starting to get the after Christmas blues, but it went away quickly when I took down the Christmas tree and decorations yesterday. Usually we keep it up to at least New Years since the Christmas holiday does not end on Christmas day, but we our house is currently listed on the market so we want to make sure it is in "regular" shape for potential buyers to see. I did leave this little sign up though...

Since Christmas is gone in my house, I will share a little bit more about it with you in Bloglang. On Christmas day we had a wonderful dinner at our friends' house with delicious food and J and I both had Yule Log for the very first time. I've seen people mentioning Yule logs on facebook and blogs, but we never had one at any of my family holiday festivities.
Our friends' beautiful Christmas tree

Yule Log with little mushrooms
Christmas Manger
The center of this yule log was a real treat. Nelly, our hostess is from Greece and spend some time in France this past summer. While in France she picked up some Creme de Marron - which is a chestnut spread. It was very delicious. She even made little mushrooms with chocolate under the mushroom top to look real!
Chestnut Creme inside - delicious!

Look at that mushroom - a real work of food art
Well, let's get on to what you probably really want to see... crocheted! I finally finished the rows of the candy cane scarf for my mom and I am looking forward to making things with more colors now. The red and white look great, but about halfway through the scarf I was sick of using just red and white. I have some ends to weave in and then ship it off.

Candy Cane Crochet Scarf

It reminds me of "Where's Waldo" - don't you think?

My next project is to finish the last row of my granny garden blanket - it will finally be complete as a 10 by 10 square blanket. And after that I need to finish my ripple. The ripple was the very first blanket I started to make when I began crocheting again almost 1 year ago.

Are you trying to finish up any projects before the New Year rings?
Happy Thursday
xoxo Susan


  1. Woo-La-La... we had a yule log too. I love that scarf and yes, where is Waldo does come to mind. Great pattern too. I haven't seen that one before. Will have to give it a try. Our decorations are coming down tomorrow too.

  2. Susan you are so lucky that Christmas is packed away already, I will be doing that on the 31st as I like to start the New Year with a fresh clean slate. Love the scarf, so glad you had a lovely Christmas.
    Hugs to you,