Monday, December 26, 2011

Vera Bradley New Patterns Spring 2012 - Ellie Blue and Camellia!

Hello Friends,

I hope you had a fabulous Christmas. With the holidays and end of the semester business, I realized I did not share any photos of new Vera Bradley patterns. For all of the Vera Bradley fans out there, I have two sneak peak patterns to show you. I forgot I had these and I meant to share them many months ago.

These are for Spring 2012 and are not not out in stores yet. The release date is January 19th, 2012. You may be able to find someone selling them on ebay if they purchased one at a sneak peak preview at a Vera Bradley store or retailer.

The first one is called Ellie Blue. I think this one looks nice.

Ellie Blue - Vera Bradley Spring 2012 Pattern
The second one I have is called Camellia. I think it is a nice black and white with shades of gray bag. This black and white one looks like it be better than some previous black and white ones because there is more black and gray in it - less to get dirty.

Camellia - Vera Bradley Spring 2012 Pattern
I hope you enjoy the sneak peak even thought it is not as early as I like to post them. Also, if you want to see the other two colors, click here for a youtube video from OhMyVera:

Happy Day!
xoxo Susan

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