Sunday, December 18, 2011

Time to Catch Up on Projects

Hello Friends,

I am taking the day today to relax and recuperate. After today, I will catch up on other projects I need to finish up before the year comes to an end. Although classes are over and grades are just about ready to submit, I do have a meeting or two I have to partake in before Christmas. So, my break is not complete ON yet.

Early this morning I dropped my mom and dad off at the airport. They flew back to the cold weather in Buffalo, NY. Although there is no snow in the ground there right now, here is a photo my dad sent me at the end of last winter. This is their backyard view from the window in their dining room.

Snow in Buffalo, NY 2011
The temperatures here have been great, and I am sure my parents were sad to leave the warm weather and beautiful sunsets. Here is a sunset my mom snapped a photo of while they were at the beach last week.

After finishing and sending off all of those hats you saw in my last post, I have heard from some pleased customers! I have been working on a few things since then with only one finished product to share right now. A pink scarf for my mom in Lion Bran Brand Jiffy Yarn - Rose Spray. I used two full skeins. I think it could have used a little of a 3rd skein but I was finishing it last minute last night and of course the stores were closed and my parents left early this morning. So my mom said the length will be fine.

I put it on the tree for a festive photo. It looks sort of weird (I know), but I didn't get a lot of photos due to the poor lighting late last night. The color of the yarn was very nice, it is 100% acrylic and machine wash and dryable. It felt nice and thick, sure to keep you warm on a cold and snowy day. I used the infinity scarf pattern but did not connect the ends. I went until I ran out of yarn. I added a row to the beginning chain to make it look finished off like the other end.

I hope to finish a candy cane scarf by the end of this evening. I want to get this one mailed off to my mom so she can wear it before Christmas. The change in colors from red to white every other row is much more time consuming than I remembered. But - it is looking very nice.

One more thing before I get to crocheting. We visited our house today to do some sweeping. The builder sweeps but for anyone who has built a house before, you know the workers do not keep things too tidy and when it comes time to lay the carpet, they often lay the carpet pad and carpet right over all the dusk and plaster pieces. So we went to sweep up a little to make sure we are not inhaling plaster dusk for the next 30 years. Drywall is all up and the stucco on the outside is complete!

Looking up to the loft from the living room



Looking down to the living room from the top of the stairs

Family Room and Backyard View

Master Bathroom

Stucco done outside... ready for paint!

We can't wait to move in!
Well, I hope your holiday preparations are not stressing you out too much. Since we do not have any family nearby we have a quiet Christmas together. I will enjoy having some relaxation after a busy November and early December of traveling and spending time with family in Buffalo and in Florida.
Happy Sunday,
xoxo Susan


  1. Your house is looking fantastic, what a great Christmas present to each other. So glad you were able to spend time with your parents. I am craving a low key Christmas Day..
    Hugs to you,

  2. Congrats on the new home! It is going to be beautiful when it is finished. How exciting!!!

  3. What a wonderful home you will have when it is all finished. Merry Christmas.

  4. What a fantastic place you are building. Really pretty!
    Have a wonderful Christmas, Susan :)