Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Filling Hat Orders and New House Progress

Hello Friends,
With the semester coming to an end, I decided to post my Etsy site on my facebook page to have some extra activities before Christmas. After a few short days, I already have 7 hats to make! Some owls, some bears, and some pom poms hats.

So far, I have three of the hats complete and ready to order. I am just waiting for my custom sticker labels to arrive, which should be today.
The two owls hat
 I will hook away again tonight to get at least one more done. The pom pom hats are fun to make and do not require a lot of sewing (the like the eyes for owls),  so maybe I will get those two done tonight.

So last post I told you about our new house we are building but did not show you any photos. The builder is making great progress and the house is scheduled to be done at the end of January.

Front of House

Back of House
We were there yesterday picking up nails and checking out the progress. In the state of Florida we have specific regulations for building houses to meet Hurricane Standards, so the whole first floor is a concrete structure and then the second floor is wood. It looks like the electrical wiring is just about done and we go tomorrow for a walk through of the bones of the house. 

Well, I need to get back to grading. Luckily I should be able to get my grading done and some holiday baking in later this week. I am dying to use my Kitchen Aid stand mixer for my holiday cookie dough.

xoxo Susan


  1. Susan, your house is going to be amazing. Love the two stories, I have that myself and love that my kids rooms are upstairs and I don't have to see their mess all the time. Keep us up to date on your progress.

  2. The new house looks great. I'm sure it will be gorgeous and exactly what you want. Congratulations on your hat sales. They are so cute.