Saturday, April 9, 2011

Weekend Progress - Circle of Friends Pattern Baby Blanket


I hope your weekend is going well. My brother sent me a text message saying they LOVE the Japanese flower blanket so I am very happy :) He also said they had a great shower and cannot believe how much stuff they received, so I am very happy for them. The wedding is June 24th.

J works on Saturdays so I have been relaxing with crochet all day. My parents are arriving in town tomorrow for a visit (they live in Buffalo, NY). I know my mom will love to see my projects in person. She hasn't been here since I started all this on January 25th. I have so much to show her!!! She never crocheted before, although she has knitted. After reading my blog and then clicking away at all of your blogs she most definitely wants to learn to crochet. We are going to go to Harry Potter World at Universal Orlando, but other than that I should have some time to give her the basics. There may be one problem, I am left handed and so is she, BUT I crochet right handed. When my next door neighbor Kathy taught me and her daughter Colleen to crochet she told me I may want to do it the left handed way. I found it easier to mimic what she was doing and viola, I am a right handed crocheter. Let's hope my mom will be the same way, because I am worried it will take her much longer to get the basics down if she needs me to try to show her with my left hand.

Well before I carry on any longer, here is my progress with the Circle of Friends blanket.

I followed the pattern except for the very last row which was a single crochet all around. I started the single crochet row and thought I would hold off and see how it looks without it. I will be using a color to connect all of the squares together. A light blue will be the other diagonal and yellows next to the greens. J is working an extra event tonight for work so I will be hooking away all evening, maybe I will get all of the circles done tonight and just have to finish the whites and connect for tomorrow. It looks tiny, but the blanket is going to be for my cousin Billy's baby boy. I think the baby is due in August. 

Enjoy the rest of this fabulous weekend!
xoxo Susan 


  1. This my friend, it probably my all time favorite pattern. Doesn't it go quickly too. I can't wait to see this all finished. You will love it.

  2. Your blanket is looking lovely! how is your mum getting on with crochet? I'm betting she is not having trouble learning right-handed though she's left-handed, as I think the hardest thing in crochet is getting the tension right holding the yarn with your left hand. So I think it should be fine!

  3. oo that's looking good and I love the colours it makes a change from traditional baby colours. Waiting to see it finished