Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Granny Spike Finished!!!!!

Hello Friends,

Thanks for stopping by to check out my work :)
I finished the granny spike cushion/pillow this evening and I am happy with the outcome. This is my first finished cushion and I love it! The pillows at the craft store are quite expensive, so I went to K-Mart (sort of like Walmart for those of you who may be familiar with Walmart but not K-Mart) and bought a solid colored pillow in a neutral color, this one was a light beige and that is what I was used for my cushion part. The pillows ended up being on sale, Buy One Get One 50% off (not a great sale but better than nothing). The original price was only $5.99 so I was able to get two for around $9 which is much less than half the price of the ones sold at the craft stores (i.e., Jo Ann Fabrics). Plus the fill or stuffing inside of this one was much better.
My photo shoot share
 I used the dusty green color to connect the four squares together. Connecting the two sides of the pillow was a little tricky. They were not exactly the same size, but I worked with it and it looks like they fit just fine. I connected the two sides of the pillow togther by using a single crochet. I think one of the reasons the sizing was tricky is because the spikey part makes certain parts of the square mis-shaped. Bunny Mummy warns about this, and I tried to keep the stitched loose in the middle but I think no matter what the sides will not be even. Luckily when you are using it for a cushion it doesn't really matter! Note: I did use half double crochets for the corner stitches.

One square side

Four square side

The button enclosure (just one side)

Same opening just flipped over

I put it on J's side of the bed to see if he would notice. He noticed it right away and loved it!

Other side of the cushion
Well, I was able to finish it before the month of April ended. Now, what will I work on next....?
I hope you have a fabulous day.
xoxo Susan


  1. Susan, it's just lovely! I bet you can't decide which side to have on show :) and the buttons are perfect. Crochet is so good for bringing more colour into our homes, isn't it?
    Jane x

  2. It looks great!!!
    I like your idea about the pillows too. Smart move!

  3. Really love this and the buttons are perfect.