Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Light House and Working on the Granny Spike

Good Morning,

This is a very busy week of reading and grading for me. Our students graduate Sunday, and grades are due a week from tomorrow. Yesterday was so busy I didn't get to sneak in any crochet time. But, today should be a little better so I should be able to sneak in at least a half hour to finish up one side of the cushion. Thank you to all of you lovely ladies who said such nice things about my granny spike beginnings.

Front and Back of Cushion

Finished Side
I still have a couple rows to add to the one square side and then I will see how it fits. I ran out of the light blue color yarn so I decided to skip it on the one square side. I like the color, but it is quite bright and almost reminds me of Easter, which fits the current time! I figured it would give a nice change from one side to the other.

I also wanted to share some lovely bits of Florida from our weekend trip on the east coast of Florida. There was a lovely lighthouse at the marina we left from and the pelicans were anxiously awaiting fish scraps to eat.

The sunset on the drive home taken from the car window
Next week I have to travel somewhere for a work related task and I can't wait to share photos while I am there. Hopefully I have time to get outside and take some photos while I am there.
Have a fabulous Tuesday. I hope to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather -- well, get outside to work for a little today.
xoxo Susan


  1. I love the colors of your blanket... and the photos of Florida! They make me want to go visit my brother there, but probably only later on in the year...

  2. Hi, is that the Ponce de Lion lighthouse just south of Daytona?? Also how do I get to contribute on the flowerbed blog. I added my name to your followers list a while ago