Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Good Morning Bunnies,

Happy Easter! I hope you are able to spend your day exactly the way you want. We had a busy weekend and are really looking forward to a relaxing Sunday. After I left work on Friday, we drove over to the east coast of Florida to Juno Beach and the town of Jupiter. We spent the night at a Hampton Inn and got up early Saturday morning to go on a full day fishing charter.

The boat we took - "Showtime"
We were hoping to get some dolphin fish, called Mahi Mahi so people do not think they are actually eating dolphin at restaurants and the supermarkets. We did not catch any dolphin fish, but we did get one sail fish which was quite a thrill. J was the lucky one who was reeling it in. We also caught some other fish like amberjack and black fin tuna
The sail fish J was reeling in
J's Sail Fish! Luckily the fish released itself on the way in. These fish are difficult to release yourself without damaging the fish.
When my turn was up a fish jumped on the line in no time. I had to reel it in which was quite the task. This takes some time and strength to keep reeling in the line. I caught an amberjack.

Reeling in a fish! They didn't even ask me to hold it for a photo - haha

The flag the boat puts up when a sail fish is caught

One of J's catches
A hotel on the way back into the harbor

We had a lovely time!
So now you know where I have been and what I have been doing since my Thursday post. I did finish two more squares for my granny spike cushion/pillow.

Four squares for one side of the cushion/pillow
I have some grant reviewing to work on today but hopefully I can get the last big granny spike square made today. A little bit of rain fell as a wrote this post, but I can already see the blue sky from my window.Hopefully I will get outside for some hooking on the lanai.
Have a fabulous Easter Sunday!

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