Thursday, April 14, 2011

Baby Blanket Almost Done and a New Crocheter

Good Morning,

After a short crochet hiatus, I am back and it and plan to get this baby blanket finished up by the end of this week. I want my mom to be able to bring it up to Buffalo with her so I do not have to mail it for the baby shower. Speaking of my mom, we started her crochet lessons on Tuesday evening. She is doing a great job so far. We tried right handed but she needs to crochet left handed. So I have been able to work on my left-handed crochet skills (I guess you never know when it can come in handy). I think she is right on track with where a beginner crocheter would be. I started her with chaining and then a single crochet. Maybe I should have waited a day but I also taught her double crochet too. She kept hooking along after I went to sleep and when I checked her progress in the morning it looks like she started single crocheting anyways.

My mom learning to crochet!

All Circle of Friends DONE

Just need to finish the sqaures

Layout of the baby blanket
I hope to finish most of the white squaring tonight and then put it all together tomorrow and do a border on Saturday! I won't be able to bring the finished version in to the office for the girls to see because my parents leave on Sunday and it will be gone. I really like the Circle of Friends pattern, probably because I made the circles all one color which means only one color to weave/sew in ends. If you look on or flickr you will see some people make the circles themselves more than one color which looks nice, but more ends to weave.
It is a beautiful day outside, I am off to work all day inside but hopefully I can pop out for a little bit to enjoy the lovely weather.
xoxo Susan

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