Friday, September 30, 2011

Autumn is really starting in Florida!!

Hello Lovely Blogland Friends,

Another long week has passed and the weekend is here! As usual, I hope to spend my weekend crocheting away. Autumn does not always make an entrance here in Southwest Florida but this weekend we will experience our first bit of real autumn goodness. The humidity is dropping and the temperature is not supposed to reach 90 this coming week -- which means the temp is dropping. The temperature is supposed to be in the 60s during the early morning hours.

Earlier this week I showed you a sneak peak at the Infinity Scarf I started. Well, the scarf is still not finished, but I did make good progress. The first picture is one whole skein of the yarn. Hopefully the whole scarf can be made with 2 skeins and based on my calculations it should be just right.

Starting on the second skein... (same color yarn -- Arcadia)

Remember, I am using Lion Brand Amazing yarn in the color "Arcadia" and so far I really like the color variation in the yarn.  I am surprised there was so much blue in the beginning of the yarn because the rest of the colors change sooner.

I also started making squares in blues, greens and yellow for a baby boy blanket I am calling Blue Dreams. I loved my stained glass white blanket so much that I decided to use the same pattern for a baby boy blanket.

I think an 8 by 10 block will be just the right size for the baby to cover with in his stroller/pram for the winter.

As you can see I have not been waving in the ends as I go like usual. I am not sure what came over me, I just kept making squares and did not have my small hook near by to weave them in. So I will have to spend a few hours weaving them in this weekend. Surprisingly I am not dreading it, the ends weave in nicely on these little squares since they are too compact.

I hope you are able to have a happy hooky weekend. Enjoy the change in weather and autumn colors starting to appear if you are up north. For those of you down under I hope you have some spring fun.
xoxo Susan


  1. Love both these projects- both are looking fantastic!!

  2. That scarf pattern is really pretty! Do you get to wear scarves in Florida? The 2 times I went there it was hot... so hot I wouldn't dream of wearing one! But then once it was in August and the other time late September... Hopefully I'll get to go visit my brother another time of the year too ;)

  3. Susan, the scarf is looking wonderful, love the colors, the pattern, well I just love it. Enjoy the day today, sunny and low humidity!!!!!!

  4. I love your scarf- gorgeous colours. It is hotter here at the moment than it has been in the height of Summer, but they are predicting snow by the end of October!

  5. Lovely..weird how there was so much blue..kind of perplexing..anyway a lovely scarf. Have a great weekend.