Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Blanket WIP!

Hello Friends,

Did you see Angie's latest finished project? I LOVE the pattern for this blanket and luckily she shared her pattern with us here. As soon as I saw this finished blanket, I knew it had to be my next blanket. The colors look great and I love the technique Angie used to connect all of the squares. This is the perfect project for using up some of my yarn stash.

I am hoping to use all of the colors I have in my cabinet. I will show a photo of my cabinet later because the lighting was not good for a photo today. Since I had some pink yarn out, I started off with pink.

I started with some pink and added some blue and green so far. I will count to see how many different colors I have in my stash so I know an approximate number of each color I need to make.

Just 3 colors so far

Not the color pattern I will be using but you know how I like to lay stuff out!
I plan to use a lot of different colors and do not plan on having a specific color pattern in the blanket.

Before starting the blanket, I made a hexagon from Bunny Mummy's tutorial here. The pattern is a Coats and Clark pattern that Bunny Mummy adjusted and with their permission, made a tutorial for it. I love the colors she used in her blanket. I was trying out some autumn colors. I am still looking for the hexagon pattern I saw used in a scarf with autumn colors. Don't you hate it when you can't find something great you saw, even when you know you saved the link somewhere.

The colors in the photo do not look as nice as it does in person (my lighting was not great). I am not sure if this is the hexagon I will use for the fall colors scarf.
Hopefully I can crank out a lot of colorful rounded squares this weekend.
Have a fabulous Friday,
xoxo Susan

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  1. Beautiful hexagon, love the colors and the little squares are so cute. Have a great weekend, Meredith