Sunday, September 4, 2011

Stained Glass Blanket

Good Morning Lovelies,

Yesterday the day started out bright and sunny and then some clouds came and lingered on with some rain for almost the whole day, and I enjoyed every single minute of it. I spend the day working on my little squares for my new blanket. I decided to call it this one Stained Glass. All of the different colors remind me of stained glass windows so there you have it.

You can see I am weaving in my ends as I go. I find this to be so much more enjoyable when I near the end and do not have that dreadful feeling of being almost done but still have to spend hours weaving the ends in.

A few colors are still missing. I may have to pop over to the craft store today and get a regular orange color and a regular purple, maybe a magenta as well. I am using Lion Brand Vanna's Choice and Vanna Baby, 100% acrylic, this is the yarn I use for most of my projects.

So for now I am working on stacking up the colors. I have not decided how big this will be yet. I do not want it to be too small that it will not get any use. My main goal was to use this as a way to de-stash but as I already said I need to go buy some colors I already ran out of! Angie's version for her daughter was 10 by 16 squares, I am thinking maybe 12 by 16 which is a total of 192 squares, or 13 by 16 for a total of 208 squares.

This is a holiday weekend here in the USA called Labor Day. Time has gone by so quickly I did not realize the holiday weekend was already here. The holiday weekend means no school Monday! I hope you are having a great weekend and a great holiday weekend for those of you in the USA.

Have a fabulous Sunday,
xoxo Susan


  1. It is looking beautiful. I agree with you on working the ends in right away. I always do that so I am not stuck with it at the very end when I just want to be done and on to something else. It is cloudy today, I am loving it. I spent two solid hours knitting a scarf watching baseball. Bliss.

  2. This is looking gorgeous, Susan. Yes, I saw Angie's blanket and loved the joining effect too - another to add to the to-do list, which gets longer and longer every week!
    Jane x

  3. Love this! I have an award for you on my blog!

  4. Just found you through another blog..glad I did. I think your color choices are awesome. Have great weekend.

  5. So good to have found you via crochet attic today! What a great crochet blog you have here! Congrats on the PhD. Have my masters in education and may take that leap one day myself... eventually. Happy day to you!