Monday, September 26, 2011

Ran out of yarn!

Hello Friends,

I hope you had a great start to your week. My weekend of finishing WIPs was lovely, until I ran out of yarn for my granny stripe blanket. The blanket uses up quite a bit of yarn for each color switch. Each color includes 2 rows (down and back), so using scraps is not an option with this blanket. I went through as many rows with colors I had and then I had to stop because I did not want the color pattern to look like I ran out of some colors.

I did take some photos of the blanket so far..

I really like this blanket. I named it English Meadow when I began to make it because I choose the colors to go along with the Vera Bradley English Meadow pattern. Since it was before the pattern was released, my colors may be somewhat different shades but I still enjoy it.

Since I ran out of some blues and greens, I decided it would be alright if I worked on a new scarf that has been waiting for me to make for oh so long. My friend Sarah told me about the infinity scarf. A scarf that can be worn multiple ways, I think the idea was that it could be worn an infinite number of ways. The scarf needs to be long enough to wrap around your neck twice which makes it look like a cowl. So I bought some special yarn to give it a try (well special for me, I usually stick with Vanna's Choice and Vanna Baby which I love, but usually buy it on sale for $2 or $2.50). I used a 50% off coupon at A.C. Moore and bought Lion Brand Amazing yarn. The color I purchased was Arcadia. It was difficult to choose as the colors are hard to see in the skeins.

The yarn can be a little tricky because it is fuzzy. If you mess up and need to unravel some stitches, this yarn sometimes will not un-do.  I will post some more photos of this and the pattern soon. Here is a sneak peak photo of the scarf...

I am very happy with the way the scarf is turning out so far. I hope your day was great!
xoxo Susan


  1. The blankie looks stunning. Beautiful colours!!

  2. This scarf is really pretty! I love those colors and the pattern :)
    And the blanket, can you find more of that yarn?

  3. The balnket is beautiful and THe name is perfect. I love the scarf, and I actutally saw that yarn the other day, very lovely. Does it have wool in it? That may be the issue.

  4. Sorry my typing is horrible today, I meant to say blanket, and what is with the, "THe"?
    Maybe I need to go back to bed!

  5. That blanket does use a lot of yarn. I bought 14 colors, and had to buy more yarn twice. But it's a big, beautiful blanket. I think next time I will just not make it so big, then maybe it won't take so much yarn. LOL Mine covers a Queen-sized bed.

    The scarf is beautiful as well.

  6. Fellow Floridian here... When crocheting with Amazing yarn recently, I found it requires a somewhat larger size hook than some patterns suggest for worsted weight. You'll have to adjust your gauge and stitch count. Looser stitches are much easier to see for hook placement and to rip back and the fabric also drapes better. It's a really lovely yarn in "amazing" colors. Your patience is rewarded.

    I live way down south in the state, so don't know how often I'll get to use my scarf, but I love how it looks and feels. Bring on Autumn !

  7. I am waiting for a pattern, love it.